Tax return program 2013 for non-resident taxpayers available


The 2013 income tax return program for non-resident taxpayers is available for Windows, Apple and Linux.

You must file a tax return if we send you a tax return letter. We will send the 2013 tax return letters from mid-January to the end of February 2014. If you do not receive a tax return letter, you should check whether you may still receive a tax refund or have to pay tax.

Filing a tax return with DigiD

Do you have a DigiD? And have you used it at least once over the past 3 years? In that case, you can now also file a tax return with DigiD.

Please note!

If you have no DigiD and your home address is outside the Netherlands, you cannot apply for a DigiD. In that case, you must sign your tax return by means of the electronic signature (PIN code).

File your tax return by 1 July

If you are a non-resident taxpayer, you must file a tax return before 1 July 2014. In that case, you will receive a provisional assessment sometime in 2014.

Tax return before 1 April? Notice sent out before 1 July

If you file a tax return before 1 April, you will receive a provisional assessment before 1 July. So if you receive a refund, you will receive it sooner than if you file a tax return after 1 April.

Applying for a postponement

If you want to file your tax return after 1 July, you must apply for a postponement in writing.

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