Assessment Service Messages for your intermediary (entrepreneurs)

If you have authorised your intermediary to file a tax return, then details of the assessments, notifications and decisions we send to you on paper can be sent to your intermediary in digital form. However, you still have to give permission for this. We will send you a letter about this.

If you give your permission, we will send the original copy to you on paper and your intermediary will receive the details in digital form: the Assessment Service Message.

For which types of taxes and tax return years?

If you want to know for which assessments and tax return years your intermediary can receive Assessment Service Messages? Please check the information for intermediaries: Assessment Service Messages: for which assessments? (only available in Dutch).

More information

More information about, for example, the procedure for granting permission can be found in the information for private individuals. See Assessment Service Messages (only available in Dutch).

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