Login problems on the old entrepreneurs' portal

Please note!

The old portal for entrepreneurs has been closed since 1 July 2024. Switch to Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk now. Or manage your business tax affairs with accounting software or via a tax service provider.

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Are you having problems logging in to the old entrepreneurs’ portal? There may be various reasons for this:

  • There is a service interruption of the old entrepreneurs’ portal. In case of service interruption, you can read about it in 'Serviceberichten oude portaal' on the page Log in for entrepreneurs or in the Verstoringenoverzicht (Service interruptions overview, only available in Dutch) on our website.
  • You have entered your password incorrectly, for example because Caps Lock is on or Num Lock is off. The user name and the password are case-sensitive.
  • You have forgotten your user name or password. Please call the Tax Information Line.
  • If someone else used to take care of your tax returns and you are now filing them yourself, it could be that person has changed your password. Ask that person for the new password or request new login details from the Tax Information Line.
  • Have you been issued 2 or more RSIN/tax numbers or Citizen Service Numbers (BSN)? If so, you may have entered the incorrect login data. You are issued separate login data for each RSIN/tax number or BSN.
  • You have entered an invalid combination of your user name and password 3 times. You will not be able to log in for 1 hour.
  • Your internet browser does not accept cookies. This is why you cannot log in. Use your browser's Internet options to turn on session cookies. Then try to log in again.

If you continue to have problems logging in, please call the Tax Information Line.

Please note!

  • Have you lost your user name or password? Then you still need to file your tax return before the tax return deadline. If you have lost your user name or password and are therefore unable to file your tax return in time, you risk a penalty.
  • For security reasons, the old entrepreneurs’ portal will be locked automatically if you have not entered any data for more than 30 minutes. You will then have to log in once again.

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