Signing digital tax returns by more than 1 person (entrepreneurs)

Digital tax returns cannot be signed by more than 1 person. Consequently, when you file a tax return via the Inloggen voor ondernemers ('Entrepreneur login window' - only available in Dutch) or using commercial software your tax partner cannot jointly sign the digital tax return using his or her electronic signature. However, this is a statutory obligation in certain cases, for example when:

  • you and your tax partner wish apportion your tax partner's tax-free allowance to you
  • you and your tax partner apportion specific deductible items

The Tax and Customs Administration assumes that when you sign the tax return you also sign for your tax partner.

When your tax service provider files a tax return for you then the tax intermediary will usually sign with a digital certificate. The Tax and Customs Administration then assumes that the tax intermediary is authorised to sign for you and your tax partner.


The tax return for the tax return year 2015 you file via Mijn Belastingdienst (‘My Tax and Customs Administration’, only available in Dutch). 
This is equivalent to the way in which non-business owners file a tax return.
For this tax return it is possible to have more than 1 person sign it. 

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