How do you file digital tax returns? (entrepreneurs)

You can file digital tax returns using one of several methods:

You can file tax returns for one type of tax and outsource the tax returns for the other types of tax.

Disruptions and computer problems

The Tax and Customs Administration bears the responsibility for its systems and for the optimum availability of the systems. 

If there is a disruption of one of these systems the Tax and Customs Administration shall always assess whether the disruption prevented you from filing your tax returns in time, in the specific situation in which the disruption occurred. 

When this assessment reveals that it was not possible to file tax returns in time then the Tax and Customs Administration shall seek a solution for the relevant tax returns, for example by extending the window for filing the tax return or not imposing the administrative fine.


You can keep records of your filed tax returns in your accounts or via your software package. 

The Tax and Customs Administration keeps records solely for internal purposes and is not in a position to make information available to you or your tax intermediary.


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