Filing tax returns with tax return or accounts software (entrepreneurs)

You file tax returns using tax return or accounts software.  After you have filed the tax return you will receive a return message, for example a confirmation of transport, confirmation of receipt or an error message.

Tax returns must be filed using SBR

Standard Business Reporting, SBR (only available in Dutch) is the standard that must be met when submitting financial information to the authorities.

Software developed in-house

Do you keep your accounts and file your tax returns using software you developed in-house? If so, you can obtain support from the Tax and Customs Administration during the development and testing of your software by taking out a support subscription with the Tax and Customs Administration. This subscription is available without charge. More information is available under Ondersteuning aan softwareontwikkelaars ('Support for software developers', only available in Dutch).

List of tax returns and declarations

You can view the status of your tax returns and declarations by logging in to Inloggen voor ondernemers (the 'Entrepreneur login window' - only available in Dutch). The list of your tax returns and declarations shows the tax returns and declarations that have yet to be filed and that have already been filed.
With the exception of the income tax return as from 2015, that one you can find on Mijn Belastingdienst (‘My Tax and Customs Administration’).


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