AEO Security and Safety authorisation (AEO-S)

In international trade the AEO authorisation is increasingly necessary. There are 2 AEO authorisations. AEO-S is the most extensive authorisation. This authorisation contributes towards the security and safety of the entire logistics chain.

When issuing this authorisation we examine the guarantees that your organisation already offers, such as security and safety systems. These may involve internal control measures, but also safety certificates of others such as the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee [Koninklijke Marechaussee] or Port Services. Examples of these certificates are: Recognised agent of Known consignor, ISPS-code, TAPA, ISO and recognition by the Dutch Controlling Authority for Milk and Dairy Products.

Organisations in possession of an AEO-S authorisation are entitled to a number of legal facilities and accompanying advantages.

Advantages of AEO-S authorisation

An AEO-S authorisation will offer you the following advantages:

  • reduced physical and document inspections
  • priority if your organisation is selected for an inspection
  • on request, an inspection may be conducted at a specific location
  • advanced notification of inspections
  • recognition of the authorisation by other countries (outside the EU) in connection with mutual recognition (Mutual Recognition Agreement, MRA)

If you would like to make use of these facilities, state your EORI-number in your declaration of entry or your declaration of  temporary storage.

Notification of customs inspections

Are you in possession of an AEO-S authorisation and have you submitted a declaration of entry or a declaration for temporary storage? In this case, we will send you advanced notification of a customs inspection when your goods enter.

If you are a handling agent (airside) or stevedore (maritime) you will also receive notification of an intended customs inspection.

If you are not in possession of an AEO-S authorisation you will only receive notification of a customs inspection when your goods are being unloaded.

Please note!

We do not always provide notification. This may be due to the risk of a negative effect on results. In some cases, special legislation prohibits us from giving advanced notification.

Supplementary information (CAI notification)

The CAI notification (Consignment Additional Information) enables you to provide supplementary information about a consignment to us, such as the EORI number of the recipient (the consignee) if the consignee has the AEO status, or a reference to supplementary information about the consignment. We will take such information into account during our inspections.

Please find the specifications of the CAI notification (Message Implementation Guide, MIG) in the secure section – 'Support developers Dutch Customs software' on the website of the National Customs Helpdesk. You need login details to get access.

Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)

The European Commission cooperates with a number of non-EU countries on mutual recognition of the AEO-S authorisation. If you indicated in your AEO application that your details are allowed to be exchanged in connection with mutual recognition, you will be eligible for facilities when exporting to these countries.

The EU has concluded agreements with:

For more information about the various agreements, the arrangements made and the frequently asked questions, go to the website: 'Mutual Recognition and Cooperation with other government authorities' of the European Commission.

Applying for an AEO-S authorisation

Read here how to apply for the AEO-S authorisation.

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