Maintaining your AEO status

Are you in possession of an AEO authorisation? In this case you must establish whether you still meet the AEO requirements on a regular basis. To do this you will need to set up a monitoring system. If there are any changes that may influence your AEO status, you must let us know.


Monitoring ensures that the internal control within your organisation is and remains effective. You periodically determine whether the measures taken still fit and work well. As soon as there is reason to do so, you adjust the measures. For example, if your risks change. You can continue to use the 'AEO Guidelines' for this purpose.

Record what you do in the context of monitoring. Also keep a good record of the results and any follow-up actions. When supervising your AEO status, we make maximum use of your monitoring activities.

Report changes

Are there any changes in your organisation's situation or its control mechanisms? And do these (possibly) affect the AEO status? It is then important to report this to us via the EU Customs Trader Portal. You have the obligation to notify us of any changes that affect the AEO status. Think, for example, of changes in share ratios, management, persons responsible for customs matters, takeovers, relocations, major changes in logistics or financial systems.

Read Annex 4 of the 'AEO Guidelines' for more information.

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