More information about AEO

Information from the European Union

More information about the AEO can be found on the EU website. Among other things you will find here:

European Union legislation (in English)

Inspiration booklet

Organisations help organisations. The AEO inspiration booklet contains 56 inspiring practical cases that can help organisations develop improved internal control of customs and supply chain risks.

The booklet includes accounts from smaller and medium-sized organisations about how they negotiate with Customs, the control measures they take and how they formulate their AEO status. They also recount the (legal) advantages that their AEO status gives them.

This inspiration booklet is intended for high-level management, and managers and staff members with customs responsibilities within organisations with an AEO certificate.

Let yourself be inspired and read the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Inspiration Booklet (only available in Dutch).

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