How do I apply for a customs authorisation?

A customs authorisation is requested using an application form. Most forms can be downloaded from our website.

Complete the form and send it to us by post. Unfortunately, you can not yet send the forms digitally.

Need help completing the form?

Most forms have explanatory notes for the questions. Would you like to know more about the laws and regulations? Please, check out the Customs manuals.


The application form will often inform you if you also need other authorisations. For example, 'Authorisation for comprehensive guarantee' or a 'Registration for electronic communication'. Request them simultaneously, to save time getting everything organised.

You will generally receive your authorisations within 90 days

Some authorisations more quickly. Authorisation for a Customs warehousing procedure in the Netherlands takes 60 days.

Other special procedures which only involve the Netherlands take 30 days. This applies to authorisations for:

  • Inward processing procedure
  • Outward processing procedure
  • End Use procedure
  • Temporary admission procedure

Does your authorisation involve more than one member state?

If so, also read: Expertise Centre for Cross-border Authorisations.

Are you based abroad?

And do you wish to invest in the Netherlands? Or are you a so-called start-up based abroad? You can then also contact the Foreign investment desk for information on authorisations.

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