Deployment Window Application Procedure

If your company operates as a maritime carrier or housefiler with a Dutch EORI number and imports goods into the EU by sea, you need to apply for a deployment window. This page provides information on the application process.

Starting 3 June 2024, the way we handle imports by sea will change because of the transition to ICS release 3. From this date, companies can choose to use ICS2 for goods entering the EU by sea with the Netherlands as their first point of entry.

Deployment Window Application

To apply for a deployment window, please answer the following questions and email them to by 3 June 2024:

  1. What is your EORI number? And in which member state is your EORI number registered?
  2. Do you wish to use a different EORI number for submitting the ENS? If yes, what is the EORI number? For more information on applying for a new EORI number, please visit the Economic Operators Registration and Identification number page on the European Commission website.
  3. What is the name of your company?
  4. Who is the contact person within your company?
  5. What is the email address of the contact person within your company?
  6. What is your company's role in ICS2? For example, is your company a maritime carrier or housefiler?
  7. Is an IT service provider submitting the ENS on your behalf? If yes, which IT service provider?
  8. From which date do you anticipate connecting to ICS2?
  9. For what period are you requesting the deployment window?
  10. After transitioning to ICS2, will you always submit a full ENS in ICS2 (single filing) yourself?
  11. Are there any logistics partners who handle part of the ENS data (multiple filing)? For example, other maritime carriers or housefilers.
  12. If yes, will your company and your logistics partners transition to ICS2 at the same time? Or will there be a gap between them?

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