What is the DMS transition planning?

The transition from AGS import, export and IIAA licence holders to DMS will take place in phases.

What is the planning?

How do you know when it is your turn?

Are you, as the declarant, arranging for the transition to DMS 4? You have had an invitation from us via email at the latest in week 4 (23 January up to and including 27 January 2023).

You can expect the following as a declarant:

  • After having returned the confirmation of the correct details, you receive an email with a link to the agenda of the planning tool.
  • You are given a timeframe in which you can plan the date and the time you wish to connect to DMS 4.0.

Are you, as a software provider, arranging for the transition to DMS for a customer? Please communicate with us and inform your client when the migration will begin.

As a software provider, you can expect the following:

  • The DMS migration team sends a schedule of the customers who will migrate. The schedule also contains the stage for which your customers are scheduled.
  • We enter your clients in the planning tool as a 'bulk consumer'.
  • 1 of your clients is entered as a ‘standard declarant’, with your address details.
  • You will get a notification from the planning tool. In this way, you know that your clients have been entered in the planning tool.
  • You plan a date using the planning tool.
  • On this date or just prior to this date, the DCP team STER contacts you to make further arrangements about the transition of your clients to DMS 4.0.
  • To start with, we connect a small number of your clients to DMS 4.0, just to see if everything works properly.
  • Subsequently, the rest of your clients are migrated all at once (or in a small number of steps).

What happens after the invitation to connect?

We will send you an intake form. Complete the form and return it to us.

Each declarant, each software supplier and each hub will be sent an invitation to register for the timeframe in which you will be grouped. Does your software supplier or hub arrange for the migration? That is the party who will approach you.

At the chosen timeframe, the migration team will contact you to assist you during the migration process.

What happens if you are not ready in time?

Does your company management come across problems in the chosen timeframe? In that event, you can file a substantiated request for rescheduling to the transition team. The transition team will assess whether it is possible to adjust the timeframe. You can send your request to: Douane.DMS.Migratie@douane.nl

The planning-migration tool

We use the planning-migration tool for the migration. It will enable us to properly carry out the migration for all of the 3,500 declarants or applicants.

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