AEO Inspiration Bundle

Businesses helping businesses. That is what the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Inspiration Bundle is based on. The AEO Inspiration Bundle contains 56 inspiring practical examples that could help businesses to improve their internal control of Customs and supply chain risks. And it ensures lower costs!

The AEO Inspiration Bundle also shows smaller and medium-sized businesses the way to Customs. In the bundle, the businesses tell how they consult Customs about the control measures taken by them and about how they implement their AEO status. They also point out the (statutory) benefits the AEO status gives them.

The party commissioning the inspiration bundle is the Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation in the Logistics Sector (TKI Logistics) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. 4 umbrella organisations and 15 AEO certified (permits) companies participated.

This inspiration bundle is meant for higher management, managers and staff members with Customs responsibilities who work for AEO certified (permit) companies.

Also be inspired!
Read the Inspiratiebundel Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) (Inspiration Bundle AEO- only available in Dutch) 

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