AEO Introduction

Is your enterprise involved in international trade? If so, you can apply to Customs for the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). An AEO permit offers a range of benefits to enterprises involved in international trade. For example, Customs grants enterprises with the AEO status a variety of facilities for physical customs inspections.

There are two types of AEO permits:

  • AEO-C (Customs Simplifications permit)
  • AEO-S (Security and safety permit)
  • combined Customs Simplifications and Security and safety permit

Your enterprise will need to comply with a number of requirements to qualify for the AEO status. Specific requirements are specified for each type of AEO permit.

The extent to which your enterprise is granted facilities for inspections depends on:

  • the type of permit
  • the role your enterprise fulfils within the logistic chain

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