From AGS and G(S)PA to DMS

Customs has started preparing for an important change in the declaration process. The AGS and G(S)PA declaration systems are being replaced by a new system: the Customs Declarations Management System (DMS).

The change is comprised of 5 components

  • The data requirements (dataset) of the declaration are being changed. Declarants who currently declare using AGS will have to make the declaration using DMS, such in accordance with the amended Annex B of the Union Customs Code.
  • DMS will feature a new functionality: the processing of inspection findings. In AGS 3.1, Customs always 'corrected' the declaration. When using DMS 4.0, the declarant must itself apply the corrections after receiving a message about the inspection results from DMS. Goods are not released until the 'corrected' declaration has been fully processed by Customs.
  • Ultimately by 1 January 2023, authorisation holders for Entry in the Declarant's Records (IIAA) will have to file additional declarations or send presentation messages using DMS 4.1. Because of this change, the declaration component of the Automated Periodic Declaration (GPA) and the Written Periodic Declaration (SPA) will come to lapse.
  • IIAA authorisation holders will have to start using the so-called stock audit file to exchange the inspection information previously included in the GPA.
  • The current Venue is also being replaced. Starting 1 July 2021, the DECO program can be used for simplified e-commerce declarations.


We are as yet unable to inform you of the exact date businesses and Customs will be able to use DMS 4.0. Expectations are that the new system will be available for use early in 2022. In replacing GPA and SPA, the declaration component will be covered by DMS 4.1 and the inspections component by the stock audit file. This shift will not take place concurrently with DMS first becoming available for use, but by around mid-2022.

How does this change affect me?

Do you currently only file declarations using AGS? In that case, you will be filing declarations using DMS 4.0, the successor to AGS 3.1. However, you will need to modify your system according to the modified message specifications for DMS 4.0 (the MIG). You will also need to take account of the modified processing of inspection findings.

Do you currently file additional declarations using the GPA or SPA, or do you hold an IIAA authorisation for storage in a customs warehouse, inward processing, or temporary import? This means you will file your declarations using DMS 4.1. Three scenarios have been developed for your situation, which have been explained in a digital Customs information session in August 2020. An additional digital information session will be held in April 2021. We have sent all companies that will be affected by these changes a letter on the subject. This letter was sent both by post and by e-mail.

The information sessions are based on 2 documents detailing the scenarios:

Companies can pick the DMS scenario that best fits their operations.

The modified message specifications (MIG) for DMS 4.0 have become clear and will be discussed with the software developers. Agreements will be made on the moment the business test environment will become available and on the moment the implementation procedure will be started up.

Focus group

In order to properly implement the changes, a focus group comprised of representatives from the business sector has been set up to discuss the changes business will be facing due to the implementation of DMS. Should you have any questions, please put them to your umbrella organisation or the company contact point in your region.

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