From AGS to DMS

Customs has started preparations for a major change to AGS. AGS is also being given a new name: Customs Declarations Management System (DMS).

The change consists of 5 parts

  • The data requirements (dataset) of the declaration are being changed. Declarants who currently declare via AGS will be changing to declaring via DMS in accordance with the amended Annex B of the Union Customs Code.
  • DMS will feature a new functionality: the processing of inspection findings. In AGS 3.1, Customs always 'corrected' the declaration. With DMS 4.0, the declarant must apply the corrections himself after receiving a message about the inspection results from DMS. Goods are not released until the 'corrected' declaration has been fully processed by Customs.
  • DMS will be replacing Automated Periodic Declaration ('GPA') and the Written Periodic Declaration ('SPA') by 1 July 2022.
  • Authorisation holders for Entry in the Declarant's Records (IIAA) will file additional declarations  no later than 1 January 2023, or send presentation messages with DMS. This applies to entry under customs warehousing, inward processing and the temporary admission procedures.
  • The current VENUE is also being replaced. More information about this will shortly be given on this website.


Unfortunately, we are not yet able to inform you about the dates on which we will start implementing DMS. There are two reasons for this. The amendment of Annex B of the Union Customs Code has been delayed. This has implications for the construction of DMS and the message specifications (MIG). We are also looking into how the Automated Periodic Declaration and Written Periodic Declaration will be replaced by declarations in DMS. We are developing a number of scenarios. This study may also have an impact on the IIAA holder's entry under customs warehousing procedures, inward processing and temporary admission arrangements. We will let you know as soon as we have more information. You can opt for a scenario based on that information.

How does the change affect me?

Do you currently only file returns with AGS? In that case, you will be filing declarations using DMS 4.0, the successor to AGS 3.1. However, you will need to modify your system according to the modified message specifications for DMS 4.0. You will also need to take into account the modified processing of inspection findings. More information about this is given under 'The change consists of 5 parts'.

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