Expertise Centre for Single Authorisations

Within Dutch Customs, the Expertise Centre for Single Authorisations ('Expertisecentrum GrensOverschrijdende Vergunningen', ECGOV) is responsible for coordinating single authorisations. You are eligible for a singe authorisation if you apply one or more of the following customs procedures in more than one EU Member State:

  • customs warehouse
  • inward processing
  • processing under customs control
  • temporary import
  • outward processing
  • free circulation with end-use

Single authorisations for simplified procedures

You can also apply for single authorisations in respect of simplified procedures, such as the local clearance procedures for placing goods under customs procedures, including release into free circulation or (re-)exportation. These authorisations are better known as the Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedures (SASP). Such an authorisation will enable you to file a declaration in one EU Member State for goods that are located in several EU Member States.

Advantages of single authorisations and SASP

These authorisations and SASP have the following advantages:

  • one central coordination point for the customs offices involved, and one central coordination point for the businesses involved
  • a reduced administrative burden

Applying for a single authorisation or SASP

Applications for single authorisations and SASP can be submitted to the customs office of the EU Member State where the main records of the businesses involved are kept (e.g., the Netherlands). The ECGOV maintains the contacts with the customs administrations in other EU Member States and the customs offices in the Netherlands.

If you want to know whether you are eligible for a single authorisation or a SASP, or want to receive general information on the subject, please do not hesitate to contact the ECGOV.

E-learning Simplified Procedures (SP) and Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedures (SASP)

An eLearning course is available to help implement:

  • Simplified Procedures (SP)
  • Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedures (SASP)

The SP/SASP training is free of charge. It was developed by the European Commission in collaboration with expert customs officials and trade representatives.

Contact details

The ECGOV's postal address is:

Belastingdienst/Douane Rotterdam/kantoor Laan op Zuid/ECGOV
PO Box 3070

The address for visitors is:

Laan op Zuid 45
3072 DB Rotterdam

The ECGOV is open Monday through Friday from 8.00 to 16.30 hours. You can contact the ECGOV by telephone on:

  • +31 (0)88 153 19 78
  • +31 (0)88 153 19 11
  • +31 (0)88 153 20 69


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