Weapons and Ammunition Act

The Wet wapens en munitie (Weapons and Ammunition Act) combats illegal possession of weapons and ammunition in the Netherlands. This law prohibits, among others, the possession of weapons and ammunition and entering into or leaving the territory of the Netherlands with them.

This law also regulates the legal possession of weapons and ammunition. Sometimes above activities are allowed, provided you have a licence. This licence is also called:

  • authorisation
  • exemption
  • consent
  • export licence

The Tax and Customs Administration/Customs Groningen/Central Office for Import and Export (CDIU):

  • provides information on the application procedure for a consent or export licence
  • processes your application
  • issues consents and export licences

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Customs inspects whether there is a licence for the entry and exit of weapons and ammunition into and from the Netherlands on grounds of the Wet wapens en munitie (Weapons and Ammunition Act). Not having a licence or exemption when this is required is considered a criminal offence. In such cases Customs will draw up an official report and will confiscate the weapons and ammunition.


More information for travellers (private or otherwise) is available under the section Individuals, Abroad and customs, Restricted or prohibited to import / export, Weapons and ammunition.

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