Weapons and ammunition

The Arms and Ammunition Act regulates the possession of weapons and ammunition in the Netherlands. This law prohibits:

  • manufacture
  • trade
  • enter into the territory of the Netherlands
  • leave the territory of the Netherlands with the destination being another EU Member State or a country outside the EU
  • transit (entry followed by exit)
  • possess and carry

Further information

For further information you may contact:
Tax and Customs Administration/Customs Groningen/Central Office for Import and Export (CDIU)
Postbus 3070
6401 DN Heerlen
The Netherlands

Telephone number + 31 88 151 21 22

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Customs inspects whether there is a licence for the entry and exit of weapons and ammunition to and from the Netherlands on grounds of the Weapons and Ammunition Act. Included under this Act are firearms, knuckledusters, nunchakus, catapults, airsoft equipment, teargas and alarm pistols.

Do you not possess a licence or exemption, even though one is required? Then you are committing a criminal offence. In such cases Customs will compile an official report and will confiscate the weapons and ammunition.

Please note!

Toy weapons and fake weapons that look like real weapons are prohibited. These products fall under the Weapons and Ammunition Act.


For travellers (private or otherwise): Go to the sections on this website listed under Individuals, Abroad and Customs, Luggage, from a non-EU country, Special products and pets, part Weapons and ammunition, toy guns and fake weapons.

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