Introduction to international relocation and Customs

Are you moving to the Netherlands? If so you are generally permitted to import removal goods without being liable for import duties. This is however subject to certain conditions. There is also a difference between moving to the Netherlands from an EU country or a non-EU country.

Are you moving from the Netherlands to another country? If so, there are certain rules that you have to observe.

Please note!

Are you moving to the Netherlands? If so, there will usually be a number of arrangements you need to make in the country of departure for the export of your household effects. You should therefore make timely enquiries with the authorities of the country of departure or your removal company.

What are removal goods and personal goods?

Removal goods and personal goods are goods intended for the personal use of you or your family. They are usually movable property such as (furniture and cupboards) and objects, vehicles for private use, household stocks for normal household use, small domestic animals and riding animals, portable instruments for practising a profession, and so on.

Goods designated for activities such as manufacturing, trading or service provision are not included in removal goods and
personal goods.

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