Reclaiming VAT on export

Are you living outside the EU? You can reclaim VAT of goods purchased in the Netherlands. You can read more about this on this page.

I am taking goods with me worth € 50 or more

You can reclaim VAT when you take goods with you worth € 50 or more. This amount is including VAT and other possible taxes. You need to have an invoice for the goods for which you are reclaiming the VAT. Make arrangements with the supplier to refund the VAT.

How to reclaim VAT

Reclaiming VAT? It works as follows:

  1. Ask the shopkeeper for an invoice.
  2. Have the (copy) invoice signed by Customs upon leaving the EU. We will check:
    • if you are living outside the EU
    • if you are taking the goods yourself
    • if your invoice was issued by a Dutch shopkeeper or supplier
  3. Send the stamped invoice to your shopkeeper.
  4. Your supplier can refund the VAT.

You can also make use of a tax refund organisation to reclaim VAT. Your shopkeeper will be able to tell you more about this. The Tax Administration or Customs cannot mediate in the event your supplier does not refund the VAT.

3 months after purchase

You have to take the goods outside the EU at the end of the third month following the purchase at the latest.

This rule also applies to persons who settle outside the EU before the end of the third month following the purchase.

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