Calculation example (from private individual to private individual)

This section is only intended for private individuals who receive goods from abroad from other private individuals.

The calculation model shows how you calculate the import duties for which you are liable.


You are receiving a tailor-made suit from a friend in Hong Kong.
The converted value of the suit is € 200.



Price of suit

€ 200

Shipment costs (e.g. € 25)

€ 25

Insurance costs (in this example € 10)

€ 10

You must pay import duties on:
€ 200 + € 25 + € 10 = € 235


Import duties
2.5% of € 235 =

€ 5.87

You must pay VAT on:
€ 200 + € 25 + € 10 + € 5,87 = € 240.87


VAT for this suit:
21% van € 240.87 =

€ 50.58

Total (price, costs, taxes)

€ 291.45

Explanation: In this example, you pay € 56.45 in import duties. Alongside these costs, you must also usually pay declaration and processing costs to your postal or courier company.

Please note!

Is the total value of the shipment of two or more items over € 45? Then you are exempt from import duties on 1 or more items, the value of which is less than € 45. You pay full tax on the value of other items or the other item. (The value of the items may not be split.)

What cannot be imported?

Some goods may not be imported into the Netherlands. Other goods may only be brought into the Netherlands and/or imported if you have a permit. Read more on Restricted or prohibited to import / export (this includes tobacco products, counterfeit items, threatened animal and plant varieties, animal products and foodstuffs, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit, weapons and munitions, toy weapons, medicines, narcotics, art and antiques).

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