Filing a declaration of liquid assets

You must declare the liquid assets that you are carrying when you arrive in or depart from the European Union if they have a value of € 10,000 or more. If the joint value is € 9,999.99 then there is no obligation to declare. Declaring liquid assets means you comply with the duty to report. You do not need to pay taxes. You can declare liquid assets by using the declaration form. The details you must provide are set out in that form. You can download the declaration form or ask Customs for it.;

Fill in the form. You must then hand it out at Customs if you enter or leave the EU. You may also use a declaration form from any of the other countries of the European Union (EU).

Are you travelling within the European Union (EU)? In that case, you do not have to declare liquid assets. Please note: There are a number of EU countries in which you are required to file a declaration under national legislation if you are carrying liquid assets from another EU country. That is not the case in the Netherlands.

Please note!

  • It does not matter how you enter or leave the EU (examples: airplane, car, motorcycle, ship, bicycle, on foot).
  • It makes no difference how you carry the liquid assets, e.g. as hand baggage, hold baggage or in the car boot.
  • You must also file a declaration if you are not the owner of the liquid assets.
  • You must file a declaration each time that you enter or leave the EU.
  • You file a declaration in the country where you enter or leave the EU.
  • You do not need to file a declaration if you do not leave the flight or ship on which you enter the EU.

Where should I file my declaration if I am travelling by airplane?

Where do you file a declaration at an airport if you are carrying € 10,000 or more in cash or securities?

On arrival in the Netherlands from a non-EU country

File your declaration by reporting to Customs in the so-called 'red channel' (goods to declare). Inform Customs that you wish to declare liquid assets.

On departing from the Netherlands for a country outside of the EU

Please note!

File the declaration before you go through passport control and security check!

Schiphol: File the declaration at Customs in departure hall 3 (Office Tax Refund / VAT refund)

Other airports in the Netherlands: go to the Customs office and file the declaration.

Where should I file my declaration if I am travelling by ship?

Are you entering the EU in the Netherlands by ship, or are you leaving the EU via the Netherlands? If so, you should file your declaration at the Customs office with competent jurisdiction in the seaport of arrival. See the Customs List of . Offices. Declaration of liquid assets for crew members, passengers and by shipping agents of ocean-going vessels.

Which language?

Dutch Customs accepts declaration forms completed in Dutch, French, German and English.

Foreign currency

Liquid assets in foreign currency must be converted into euros. If the converted amount has a value of € 10,000 or more, you must declare it.


Are you carrying liquid assets with a combined value of € 10,000 or more but have not filed a declaration, or have you filed an incomplete or incorrect declaration? In that case, you could face a fine of at least € 1,000 and a maximum of € 21,750 or a term of imprisonment.

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