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Some background information on the Liquid Assets Regulation is given below.

Why is it necessary to file a declaration for liquid assets?

The European Union (EU) is setting out to tackle the following matters:

  • money laundering
  • the funding of terrorist activities

What is done with the details given in my declaration?

Dutch Customs passes on the details of your declaration to the Financial Intelligence Unit Nederland (FIU Nederland). This organisation passes on suspicious transactions to the regional police services or the Tax Administration/Fiscal intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD). The FIU passes information to and works internationally with other financial intelligence units.


What happens if you are carrying more than € 10,000 in liquid assets but fail to make a declaration or make a complete or correct declaration? In that case you could face a fine or imprisonment.

When will Customs take custody of liquid assets?

Is your declaration for liquid assets incomplete? Or have you failed to file a declaration as you ought to have done? In that case Customs can take custody of your liquid assets. They will be returned to you as soon as you have provided the missing information to the satisfaction of Customs.

You miss your connection

Customs is authorised to carry out checks for possession of liquid assets. Have you missed your flight or ship as a result of our check for failure to meet the obligation to file a declaration? Customs does not accept any liability for this.

Cases where you must also file a declaration the EU destination or departure country (national obligation to declare)

There are a number of European Union (EU) countries in which you are required to file a declaration if you are carrying liquid assets from another EU country. That is not the case in the Netherlands.

It is possible that you will have to file another declaration upon arrival at a different place in the EU under national legislation. There are EU countries where you are required to file a declaration under national legislation for liquid assets that you take into or out of that country. In that case the rules set out in this part of the website apply in addition to the European obligation to declare. Customs at your departure or destination country will be able to give you more information about this.

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