Counterfeit articles

It is allowed to bring counterfeit items for your own personal use in your luggage provided you travel to the Netherlands from outside the European Union. It is allowed to bring counterfeit items provided these are not for commercial aims. Customs may verify that you do not actually have commercial aims.

It is not a case of commercial aims where:

  • you incidentally bring counterfeit items into the Netherlands and the European Union
  • you use the counterfeit items for personal use, or members of your family use the counterfeit items, or you give away the counterfeit items as a present
  • the nature and the quantity of the counterfeit items make it evident that you do not have any commercial aims or ulterior motives

Customs may investigate whether you do business in the counterfeit items you brought.

Please note!

This exception only applies if you bring the items as a traveller yourself. Where counterfeit items arrive in the Netherlands by mail or by courier, counterfeit items are seized and you may be prosecuted.

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