You are only allowed to bring in medicines for your own use. Sometimes we ask for proof that the medication is for yourself (or for your children). You can demonstrate this with a medication passport for instance.  A medication passport can be obtained at your physician or pharmacy.

You are not allowed to bring veterinary medicines with you.

Not having goods sent to the Netherlands

You are not allowed to have medication imported to the Netherlands, for example following your online purchase order. Customs will seize these medicines, unless you can submit the proper licences for import (via Farmatec, part of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport).

Medicines and Opium Act

Is your medication covered by the Opium Act? You must then have an official statement.  You can read more on this subject via:

Many countries rank strong pain killers, sleep-inducing drugs and sedatives or other medication among narcotics. These could also include countries of the European Union (EU). Check in advance if you are allowed to bring a medicine with you. For instance, with the embassy of the country you will be visiting.

Within the European Union

Also within the European Union (EU) there may be rules and restrictions for bringing in medication.  More information? 
Please check:, subject Medicijnen mee op reis 
(Bringing medication with you on your trip - only available in Dutch)

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