Bpm tariff passenger car

The CO2 emission in g/km determines the bpm amount for your car.

How do I know what the CO2 emission is?

The CO2 emission of a passenger car with a European type approval will be included in the vehicle registration system of the RDW. At the RDW desk, you will receive a ‘bpm declaration form’ stating the CO2 emission. You should submit this form to us, together with your declaration.

Has the RDW not determined the CO2 emission of your car? Then the CO2 emission will be set at 507 g/km for a petrol car or 356 grams/km for a diesel car, unless you can establish the CO2 emission in the method set out here below.

How can I demonstrate a different CO2 emission?

You can only establish the CO2 emission of your car with:

  • the European type approval (ETG) of your car
  • the individual approval by the RDW for your car. You must hand over the emission certificate and/or the relevant test report at the time of the inspection.
  • the test report of an individual inspection of your car by, for example, TNO
  • the certificate of agreement (CVO)
  • an approval in which the CO2 emission is set out
    The fuel consumption must then have been measured according to the regulation of the Economic Commission for Europe from the United Nations (ECE101-00).

No bpm payable in the case of no CO2 emission

Does your passenger car has a CO2 emission of 0 grams per kilometre? No bpm is payable.

How do I calculate the bpm payable for my petrol passenger car?

Is the CO2 emission of your passenger vehicle more than 0 grams/km? In that case use the following table to calculate the bpm payable for your petrol-fuelled passenger vehicle.


The CO2 emission 
is higher than
but not 
more than

Calculate the tax for a petrol car as follows:

> deduct the value from column I from the CO2 emission of the car
> multiply that sum by the amount in column IV
> add to that sum the amount from column III





0 grams/km


€ 353

€ 2

76 grams/km


€ 505

€ 66

102 grams/km


€ 2,221

€ 145

150 grams/km


€ 9,181

€ 238

168 grams/km


€ 13,465

€ 475

Example 1: calculate the bpm over the CO2 emission

  • The CO2 emission of your car is 140 grams per kilometre.
  • This value falls between 102 and 150 grams per kilometre in the table.
  • Deduct 102 grams per kilometre from the emission of your car: 140 - 102 = 38.
  • Multiply that sum by the amount from column IV in the same row: 38 x € 145 = € 5,510.
  • Add to that sum the amount from column III in the same row: € 5,510 + € 2,221 = € 7,731. This is the bpm payable.

How do I calculate the bpm payable for my diesel passenger car?

You pay a diesel surcharge for cars equipped with a diesel engine with 65 grams or more CO2 emissions per kilometre. The rate for these cars is € 86.69 per gram of CO2 exceeding 65 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

Example 2: diesel surcharge

Suppose you have a passenger car with a CO2 emission of 200 grams/km. Please calculate as follows:

  • Diesel surcharge = (200 – 65) x € 86.69 = € 11,703.
  • Add this amount to the bpm for a petrol-fuelled passenger vehicle.



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