Transitional arrangements after a tariff change

Are there disadvantages for you caused by the tariff change in the bpm? In that case you may be eligible for a transitional arrangement. These transitional arrangements only apply if a car or motorcycle is registered in the vehicle registration system before the tariff change, but the registration of the car or motorcycle takes place after the tariff change.

Reduction of the tariff

In the event of a reduction of the tariff you may claim the new, reduced tariff by means of the transitional arrangements. 

See also: reduction of the tariff.

Increase in tariff

If there is an increase in tariff, only the old lower tariff may be used if the registration takes place within 2 months after the date of the tariff change. In that case, the car or motorcycle will be registered in the vehicle registration system before the increase in tariff. 

See also: tariff increase.

How do I calculate the most favourable rate?

To determine whether the old tariff is lower or indeed higher than the new tariff you will have to compare between 2 gross bpm amounts: the amount according to the old tariff and the amount according to the new tariff. Make a comparison between the balance of all increases and decreases of the gross bpm amount. Take also into consideration the energy label and CO2 emission. And compare the tariffs before application of any depreciation for used motor vehicles.

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