Entrepreneurs' scheme

If you are an entrepreneur and own a van, you may be eligible for the Entrepreneurs' scheme.


  • You are an entrepreneur according to Article 7 of the Turnover Tax Act 1968.
  • You use the van for more than 10% of the total annual mileage for your business.
  • Your van meets the requirements for delivery vans.

When do you have to file bpm returns and pay bpm?

You must file bpm returns and pay bpm in the following cases:

  • You convert the van into a passenger car.
  • You sell a van that is less than 5 years old to an individual.
  • Your business stops.
  • You drive less than 10% of the total kilometres per year you drive for your business.

If you no longer meet the conditions you have to file bpm returns using the form 'Aangifte rest-bpm - BeĆ«indiging ondernemersregeling of gehandicaptenregeling' (Return of remaining bpm - termination of Entrepreneurs' scheme or Disability scheme, only available in Dutch) and pay the bpm within 1 month after you no longer meet the conditions.

Please note!

If you under declare and pay too little bpm, you may receive an additional tax assessment and a fine.

You sell your van to an entrepreneur

Are you selling your van to another entrepreneur? Then you can use the doorschuifregeling bpm voor ondernemers (Bpm transfer facility scheme for entrepreneurs, only available in Dutch).

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