Filing a declaration

You can complete your bpm declaration, notification or specification online. The form calculates your gross bpm based on the data you fill in. Click in the form on 'Print form+attachments' for a printout of the relevant parts of the form. Send this by post to:

Postbus 2710
6401 DE Heerlen

Please note!

From 1 October 2018 bpm declarations are processed automatically. The order in which you submit your declaration determines the processing time. You can shorten the lead time by submitting your data in one package in this order:

  1. form Declaration/notification/specification bpm.
  2. annexes to the bpm declaration form
  3. other attachments such as invoice, price list, CVO
  4. valuation report

Do you wish to send several bpm declarations in 1 envelope? Then make sure you add the appropriate attachments to the relevant declaration.

Since 19 September 2018, the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) sends the vehicle details digitally to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Statement 'nieuw en ongebruikt' (new and unused)

For a statement 'nieuw en ongebruikt' (new and unused) and for determining the proper tax category for conversion, you can call the Tax Information Line Cars. We will then make an appointment with you for a 'physical inspection' of your vehicle.

Declaration or notification with a valuation report

Do you file a bpm declaration or notification based on a valuation report? In that case you must keep the vehicle at your disposal in its unaltered state during 6 working days starting from the moment we receive your complete declaration. The inspector may request you to show the vehicle for inspection on a site appointed by them.

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