RDW inspection centres and bpm declaration points

Below you will find an overview of telephone numbers of the RDW inspection centres (RDW = Dutch Road Transport Directorate) and the Tax Administration.

Calling RDW and Tax Administration


0900 - 0739

Tax Information Line Cars

0800 - 0749

Declaration or notification by post

Are you filing your return or notification by mail? The following overview contains all postal addresses. Use the postal address of the RDW inspection centre where you had your motor vehicle inspected or identified.

RDW inspection centres Postal address
Rijen, Roosendaal ,
Schiedam and Zwijndrecht
Belastingdienst/Kantoor Breda
Team bpm
Postbus 90121
4800 RA Breda
Groningen, Heerenveen
and Zwolle
Belastingdienst/Kantoor Emmen 
Team bpm
Postbus 418
9700 AK Groningen
Amsterdam, Nieuwegein
and Waddinxveen
Belastingdienst/Kantoor Utrecht 
Team bpm
Postbus 18500
3501 CM Utrecht
Elsloo, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Veldhoven
and Venlo
Belastingdienst/Kantoor Maastricht 
Team bpm
Postbus 4486
6401 CZ Heerlen

Almelo and Arnhem

Belastingdienst/Kantoor Doetinchem
Team bpm
Postbus 866
7600 AW Almelo

Please note!

Complete and sign your return or notification. Also enclose the required appendices.

Bpm declaration Appendix you must enclose


  • form for bpm declaration
    The RDW will give you this form
  • bpm calculation form
  • copy of the authorisation (if you file a declaration on behalf of someone else)
based on a price list
  • copy of the price list

based on a valuation


  • valuation report
  • copy of the purchase invoice

Addresses of RDW inspection centres and bpm declaration columns

The waiting areas of all RDW inspection centres have special declaration columns of the Tax Administration. You can put your bpm declaration or notification (including the necessary appendices) and your 'Aangifte omzetbelasting – Intracommunautaire levering en verwerving van nieuwe vervoermiddelen' (OB97 form (for new means of transport)) (only available in Dutch) in the post office boxes.

A staff member of the Tax Administration is present at a number of inspection centres. These inspection centres are marked with * in the below overview. Our staff members are present on working days from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Our staff members have no declaration forms in stock and will not complete your forms for you.

Our staff members provide the following services:

  • They will answer general questions and can assess if your declaration is complete.
  • On request, they will issue a ‘new and unused’ certificate for your motor vehicle.
  • On request, they will determine the tax category of your vehicle in case of a conversion.
Addresses of RDW inspection centres and bpm declaration columns
Van de Broekeweg 14
7602 PH Almelo
Haansbergseweg 18
5121 LJ Rijen
* Amsterdam
Tijnmuiden 1
1046 AK Amsterdam
Borchwerf 18
4704 RG Roosendaal
* Arnhem
Malburgseveerweg 2
6833 HK Arnhem
Calandstraat 97
3125 BA Schiedam
Business Park Stein 160
6181 MA Elsloo
* Veldhoven
De Run 4412
5503 LR Veldhoven
Duinkerkenstraat 25
9723 BP Groningen
Stanleyweg 4
5928 LR Venlo
Jupiter 12
8448 CD Heerenveen
Coenecoop 290
2741 PL Waddinxveen
Hedikhuizerweg 19
5222 BC Den Bosch
* Zwijndrecht
Zoutverkopersstraat 4
3334 KJ Zwijndrecht
(only on Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday a member
of our staff is present)
Hollandhaven 11
3433 PD Nieuwegein
* Zwolle
Ossenkamp 2
8024 AE Zwolle


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