As from 1 January 2013 the rules for (mortgage) loans were changed

If you live in a house that you own, you have an owner-occupied home. If you are a qualifying non-resident taxpayer, you may deduct the interest on your mortgage or loan for this house.

Did you buy an owner-occupied home after 1 January 2013? Or did you increase your mortgage or loan after 1 January 2013? Or is your mortgage or loan higher now than in 2012, because you bought a more expensive house? In that case, you will be dealing with new rules for the deduction of your (mortgage) interest.

On 1 January 2013, the rules on the deduction of interest on the home acquisition debt (mortgage interest deduction) were changed. For any new loans, you may only deduct interest if you repay the loan in monthly instalments. If you already had a home acquisition debt before 1 January 2013, you may continue deducting the interest on this debt and you are not obliged to repay.

When are you obliged to repay?

In order to be allowed to deduct the interest, you are obliged to repay the loan in the following situations:

  • You take out a mortgage or loan for the first time.
  • You increase your existing mortgage or loan, for example for a refurbishment.

If you already had a home acquisition debt on 31 December 2012, the repayment obligation will only apply to the additional amount you borrow.
You must repay the loan on an annuity basis or by equal amounts in no more than 360 months (30 years). In both cases, you will pay a fixed monthly amount consisting of interest and repayment. You are entitled to interest deduction in both cases. You can use the tool Repayment of annuity loan (Aflossing annuïteitenlening)(only available in Dutch) to see if you meet the conditions for repayment.

Do you have to inform us of your loan?

The decision-making model will help you to determine whether or not you must inform us of your loan in order to be entitled to interest deduction.

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