What should you do if you emigrate?

If you move from the Netherlands to another country, please contact us. We can assist you with taxation affairs that you have to settle for your emigration. For example, it is possible that you have yet to pay tax assessments and assessments for national insurance contributions at the moment of your departure. It could also be that tax assessments have yet to be imposed or your benefits or provisional assessments to be stopped. Furthermore, you can request us to impose assessments for outstanding years more quickly.

Please note!

If you want to visit us, you should first make an appointment. Call the Tax Information Line for Non-resident Tax Issues for an appointment.

Notification of a change of address

Are you moving from the Netherlands to another country? In that case, you should inform the authorities of the municipality where you live of your new address abroad before your departure. The municipal authorities will pass on your address to us.

If you move from an address abroad to another address abroad, you should submit your change of address to us.

Authorised representative

Before your departure, you can appoint an authorised representative who will look after your tax affairs. This authorised person can receive any tax refund on your behalf after your departure or make sure that any tax assessments are paid. If you have an authorised representative, you should submit the address of this representative to us as your postal address. We will then be better able to contact you.

If you prefer to arrange your tax matters yourself from abroad, you may, of course, do so.


If you are going to emigrate, it is possible that you will have to deal with Customs. With regard to customs matters a division is made between emigration from the Netherlands to a country that belongs to the European Union (EU) and emigration to a non-EU country.

The licence numbers of motor vehicles must be notified to the Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer (RDW, Government Road Transport Agency). For more information, please see Auto en buitenland (Car and abroad, only available in Dutch).

Questions about the consequences of moving internationally for tax purposes

For more information about the consequences of emigration for tax purposes, you can call the Tax Information Line for residents. If you have already moved, you can call the Tax Information Line for Non-resident Tax Issues.

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