What do you have to do if you immigrate?

Are you moving to the Netherlands from another country? If so, you will be facing a number of changes.

Tax liability

By moving to the Netherlands you will attain resident taxpayer status. This means that you will be paying income tax and and social security contributions and the income-related healthcare insurance contribution (Zvw). You pay these taxes by filing income tax/social security contribution/income-related healthcare insurance contribution returns. Do you possess a specific expertise? If so, you may be subject to special tax rules.

You pay social security contributions and the Zvw contribution if you have social insurance in the Netherlands.

We will usually send you a letter asking you to file a tax return. Have you not received the letter? In that case, use the tax return program for resident taxpayers to find out whether you have to pay tax or will receive a tax refund. If you use this digital tax return program, you will need a DigiD (only available in Dutch).

Please note!

You cannot file your return digitally in the year in which you move to the Netherlands. You can only use the tax return form M. You can apply for this form using the Tax Information Line for Non-resident Tax Issues.


Will you be occupying a rented home, do you have children or do you need to take out Dutch health insurance? In that case you may be eligible for benefits (toeslagen, only available in Dutch). A benefit is a concession of the Dutch government for certain expenditure.

Citizen service number

If you immigrate to the Netherlands, you will need a citizen service number. You will be given this number by the local authorities where you live. The municipal authority will pass on your details to us.

Removal goods

Your move to the Netherlands will involve contact with Customs (only available in Dutch).


Do you have a car or other motor vehicle? You must report the registration numbers of motor vehicles to Dutch National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority (RDW). For more information see Car or motorcycle and the Dutch border (only available in Dutch).

Account number

To receive a tax refund you will need an account with a Dutch bank. You can inform us of this bank account number using the form 'Opgaaf rekeningnummer particulieren' (Private citizen account number notification, only available in Dutch).

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