If you are not compulsorily covered by the Dutch national insurance schemes

If you are not compulsorily covered in the Netherlands by the social insurance schemes, you also do not need to pay national insurance contributions either. For example, this is the case when you are employed in another country. In many cases, you are then covered by the social insurance schemes in another country according to international regulations. Therefore, you are not entitled to the components of the tax credit that relate to the national insurance contributions, the so-called national insurance components of the tax credit.

Even when you live in the Netherlands and receive a foreign statutory pension, you will, under certain conditions, sometimes still be insured for medical expenses outside the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, you will then qualify for an exemption from paying premiums. The exemptions that apply in your situation will be assessed by the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB). More information can be found on the website of the SVB.

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