If you no longer have any income in the Netherlands

If you do not have any income from the Netherlands, you are not covered by the national insurance schemes. This not only means that you do not have to pay any contributions but also that you are not entitled to benefits and/or provisions under to the Surviving Dependants Act and the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act. This does not apply to individuals who are seconded and the family members of transferred Dutch diplomats and other officials.

Emigration and the General Old Age Pensions Act

Were you residing in the Netherlands but then emigrated to another country? The General Old Age Pensions Act has an exception: for this national insurance scheme, you continue to be entitled to a benefit after emigration, because the General Old Age Pensions Act is an accrual insurance. This means that you are accruing 2% in pension during a period of 50 years (from your 15th until your 65th year), for each insured year. This way, you are accruing the amount of pension to which you are entitled when you turn 65. When terminating the insurance under the General Old Age Pension Act because you are departing abroad, this accrual is terminated. When you turn 65, you are still entitled to an old age pension. However, the old age pension is lower than if you were compulsorily insured until your 65th year.

Voluntary insurance

You can take out voluntary insurance for the General Old-Age Pensions Act (AOW) and Surviving dependants' Act (Anw) with the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB).

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