Additional conditions

If you live outside the Netherlands and want to submit or change a foreign account number for a:

  • benefit
  • income tax refund
  • refund of the income-related healthcare insurance contribution
  • VAT refund

You must meet more conditions than if you submit an account number for other tax matters. You submit 1 account number for these payments. This account number must be in your name.

You should send us a letter containing the following information:

  • your name
  • your address, postcode and town, country
  • your citizen service number/tax and social insurance number
  • your signature
  • a copy of a valid identity document (passport or identity card)
    a bank statement or print-out from your internet banking environment or the bank's confirmation of your application for this account number (no more than 2 months old)
  • your new IBAN (account number)
  • BIC code
    If your bank has no IBAN and BIC, you should provide the full foreign bank account number (including bank codes).
  • name, town and country of the bank

If you live in the Netherlands, you can submit the account number (only available in Dutch) in other ways.

Information for an account number for a VAT refund

If you change an account number for a VAT refund, you should, apart from the above information, also send us a recent and valid extract from the Chamber of Commerce. This extract may not be more than 2 months old.


Send your letter to:

Belastingdienst/Centrale administratieve processen
Unit 13 Uitbetalen en registreren 2
Postbus 9055
7300 GT Apeldoorn

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