2012 tax credits

The credits you are entitled to in 2012 depend on your personal situation.

  • general tax credit
  • employed person's tax credit
  • deferred pension bonus
  • income-related combination tax credit
  • single-parent tax credit
  • parental leave tax credit

If you submit a tax return, we will automatically take into account the general tax credit, the employed person's tax credit and the deferred pension bonus. So you need not fill in these tax credits in your tax return.

Tax partner

If you have the same tax partner throughout the year, you may apportion the joint income and deductible items between yourselves in the tax return.

Do you have a tax partner for more than 6 months in one year? And does your tax partner have no income or income lower than about € 6,500? In that case, your tax partner will be paid all or part of the general tax credit, the employed person's tax credit, the income-related combination tax credit, the parental leave tax credit and the life-course leave tax credit. In that case, however, you must pay sufficient tax and, possibly, national insurance contributions in the Netherlands.

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