Tax credits

A tax credit is a reduction in the tax and national insurance contributions that you owe. If you meet certain conditions, you are entitled to a tax credit. The amount of the tax credits consists of 2 separate parts. A part of the credit amount is a reduction in national insurance contributions. Another part is a reduction in income tax. Depending on your circumstances, you will receive the full amount of a tax credit, a part of that amount or no tax credit at all.

Reduction in national insurance contributions

Are you compulsorily covered through the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) (National Insurance Bank)? Then you will not receive the deductible amount for the National Insurance Contribution from the Tax Authority because the SVB has already calculated this as part of the contribution.

Please note!

If you are voluntarily covered by the national insurance schemes, you are not entitled to the reduction part for the national insurance contributions.

Reduction in income tax

Have you opted for resident taxpayer status? If so, you will receive the amount of the tax credits for income tax in addition to the amount of the tax credit for national insurance contributions.

Have you opted for non-resident taxpayer status? If so, you will not always receive the reduction part for the income tax of a tax credit. This depends on your situation.

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