M tax return 2020

You file an M tax return if you lived in the Netherlands for part of the year, because you emigrated from the Netherlands or immigrated to the Netherlands in 2020.

You must file the return before the deadline stated in the tax return letter. If you need more time to fill in the tax return, you can request a postponement before that date.

As from 1 June you can file your 2020 M tax return online

You file your tax return online via Mijn Belastingdienst (Dutch) using your DigiD or European approved login method (eIDAS).

You cannot always use the online M tax return. In the following situations you can only file a M return on paper (in hard copy):

  • You are an entrepreneur for income tax purposes and you have profits from more than one company in the Netherlands.
  • You have profits from an enterprise outside the Netherlands.
  • You want to determine profits from maritime shipping according to the tonnage tax regime.

Until 1 June you could only file your 2020 M tax return on paper (in hard copy)

You can request an M Form online.



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