M Form 2019

You may not file your tax return in digital form if you lived in the Netherlands for only part of the year because you immigrated to or emigrated from the Netherlands in 2019. In that case, you must use an M Form.

If you have received an M Form, you are required to file your return before the deadline stated on the return form. If you need more time, you may apply for a postponement by writing to the tax office (only available in Dutch) that is competent in your case. You will find the address on the tax return.

Applying for an M form

If you did not receive an M Form from the Tax and Customs Administration and you wish to file a tax return for 2019, you can apply for an M form.

Please note!

The Explanatory Notes for the M form are only available in Dutch. Most of the information however is also provided in the Explanatory Notes for the C form, which is available in English and can be downloaded. 





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