Before you send your return

Before you send us your tax return, there are a number of matters you should consider.

Do not send any enclosures

We process your tax return electronically. So, do not send any enclosures with your tax return, unless the return explicitly states that you should. If you are using a printed tax return form, do not attach the pages of the return to each other or to the front page.

Submitting or changing a foreign account number

If you receive a tax refund, we will transfer this amount to the account number stated in the tax return letter. If the account number is incorrect or missing, visit Submitting or changing an account number to find out what you are supposed to do.

Change of name and address data

We use the name and address details that were last known to us for correspondence with you. You should therefore pass on your changes of address using the form 'Submitting a change of address'.

Did you move to the Netherlands in the tax return year? If so we will receive your address details from your municipal authority.

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