C Form 2015-2018

If you have received an invitation to file a tax return and you do not wish to make use of the online tax return for non-resident taxpayers, you can make use of the C Form.

Even if you did not receive a tax return letter, but do believe that you are entitled to a tax refund, or if you have to pay tax, you can make use of the C Form.

When should you use a C Form?

You should use a C Form if you do not file your tax return in digital form and if one or more of the following situations applied to you in the tax return year:

  • You lived outside the Netherlands throughout the tax return year (this does not apply to government employees stationed abroad).
  • You were liable to pay tax and/or national insurance contributions in the Netherlands in the tax return year.
  • You lived abroad throughout the tax return year and you have a business in the Netherlands.

Applying for a C Form

The C Form for the year for which you want to file a tax return can be requested by telephone from the Tax Information Line Non-Resident Tax Issues. Have your citizen service number (BSN) ready.

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