I am buying or selling my owner-occupied home

If you buy an owner-occupied home, you will probably pay (mortgage) interest. If you applied for a provisional assessment for the year in which you buy the house, you will, at the end of this year, also automatically receive a provisional assessment for the next year In that case, this assessment will be based on the data for the year in which you buy the house.

However, you usually pay more (mortgage) interest in the year after the purchase, because you then pay interest for a whole year. This means that too little tax is refunded to you through your provisional assessment. In that case, you can change this provisional assessment. After you have submitted the change to us, we will send you a 2nd provisional assessment.

If you do not yet have a provisional assessment, you should apply for one.

Have you sold your owner-occupied home? If so, remember to change or stop your provisional assessment. This will avoid you being refunded too much tax that you will later need to repay.

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