Decision 'Income not taxable in the Netherlands'

After we have received your Worldwide income return, we will send you a decision ‘Income not taxable in the Netherlands’. Your wages that are taxable in the Netherlands or your aggregate income are mentioned separately in this decision. Together with the ‘income that is not taxable in the Netherlands', this income is the worldwide income. 

Why a decision?

Your benefit (for example, health care benefit or child care benefit) or contribution for non-residents is calculated on this worldwide income. Your benefit is based on your and your partner’s joint worldwide income. The contribution for non-residents is based on your own worldwide income. The Tax and Customs Administration/Allowances Service or the CAK will notify you of the benefit or the contribution for non-residents you will ultimately receive.

Please note!

The decision only determines the level of your income that is not taxed in the Netherlands. You will therefore not pay income tax on this amount.

Objection to the decision

If you do not agree with the amount mentioned in the decision, you may file an objection. The form tells you how to do this. 

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