Worldwide income return

You can use the 'Worldwide income return' form to inform us of your worldwide income. We will only send you this form if you or your benefit partner lived outside the Netherlands during a certain year, and we paid you a benefit, for example a health care benefit or child care benefit. Or because you or a family member lived outside the Netherlands and paid a non-resident's health insurance contribution to the Central Administration Office (CAK).

Do you have a partner? In most cases, he will also receive a 'Worldwide income return'. You do not have to fill in his details on your form. Please only give your own income data and deductions (only available in Dutch).

Please note!

You cannot use the form ‘Worldwide income return’ to file an income tax return. Did you receive a message stating that you have to file a return for income tax/national insurance contributions and possibly a return for the income-related healthcare insurance contribution? In that case, you should file a tax return using the tax return program for non-resident taxpayers. And, in addition, you declare your worldwide income to us using the form ‘Worldwide income return’.

What is my worldwide income?

Your worldwide income is the income you receive in or from the Netherlands, plus your non-resident income. This is the income you receive in or from the Netherlands, plus your non-Dutch income (e.g. your income from work or assets in a country other than the Netherlands).

Why must I declare my worldwide income?

If you are sent a 'Worldwide income return' form, you must declare your worldwide income to us. Your worldwide income will be used to determine the following amounts:

  • final amount of your benefit
    We use the worldwide income to determine the final amount of your benefit. If you fail to declare your worldwide income, we will stop paying the benefit(s) you or your possible benefit partner receive. In that case, you will have to repay the benefit(s). The monthly benefit that we pay you is a provisional amount.
  • final non-resident's health insurance contribution
    The Central Administration Office (CAK) uses your worldwide income to determine the final non-resident's health insurance contribution, if you or a family member lived outside the Netherlands. The non-resident's health insurance contribution which your benefits agency (e.g. the Social Insurance Bank, the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) or your pension fund) deducts from your benefit and pays to the CAK is a provisional amount.
  • allowance from the CAK
    The CAK uses your worldwide income to determine your allowance.

What is done with my return?

After we have received your worldwide income return, we will send you a decision 'Income not taxable in the Netherlands'. This decision will state your worldwide income, which is comprised of:

  • your wages that are taxable in the Netherlands or your aggregate income
  • your income that is not taxable in the Netherlands

We use the information about your and your partner’s worldwide income to determine the final amount of your benefit(s). Moreover, we send this information to the Dutch National Health Care Institute and the CAK. They will determine the level of your contribution.

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