If you suffered (material) damage as a direct consequence of unlawful acts of the Tax and Customs Administration, you may file a request for compensation.

How to ask for compensation?

You submit a written request to where you believe unlawful acts have been performed. This could be to your Tax Office, to Customs or to the Tax Administration/Benefits.
In your request, you state the (material) damage you suffered as a direct consequence of these unlawful acts. You have to demonstrate the damage, for example by means of invoices and receipts.

When to expect a response to the request?

We will try to respond within 8 weeks. If this is not possible, for example because additional information is required, you will be informed of this.

How is a request for compensation assessed?

During the assessment of your request, the following questions, among others, are discussed:

  • Did the Tax and Customs Administration act unlawfully towards you?
  • Is there a direct connection between the unlawful acts of the Tax and Customs Administration and the (material) damage suffered and stated by you?
  • Are you yourself also to blame?
  • Did you make every effort to limit the damage?
  • Does the damage qualify for compensation?

What to do if you disagree with the decision?

If you disagree with our decision, you can ask for the decision to be reconsidered by the Legal Affairs Team of the Ministry of Finance:
Ministerie van Financiën
Directoraat-Generaal Belastingdienst
Team Juridische Zaken
Postbus 20201
2500 EE Den Haag

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