Ban on the export of personal protective equipment


The export of personal protective equipment is prohibited for the time being. EU Regulation 2020/402 was published on 15 March. This Regulation 'making the export of certain products subject to the production of an export authorisation' is effective immediately.

The regulation imposes an export ban on personal protective equipment, as listed in Annex I to this regulation.

In view of the current coronavirus crisis, these means of protection are vital goods. Not only to prevent the further spread of the disease in the EU, but also to safeguard the health of medical staff. It is therefore not possible to export this protective equipment without an authorisation.

Export only possible with export authorisation

Export is possible only if organisations have an export authorisation. The authorisation is issued by the national authority.

Discussions are still ongoing on the structure of the authorisation process.

Enforcement measures

We have now taken the necessary measures to enforce the export ban on personal protective equipment.

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