My parcel has reached Customs - how long does it take to arrive?

Do you expect your parcel to be at Customs? Usually it is not. In most cases, Customs does not even get to see the parcels. Let us explain how it works.

Your parcel arrives at Schiphol Airport

Your parcel arrives at Schiphol Airport by plane. Upon arrival, it is distributed by Schiphol Airport personnel to the warehouses of the various postal or courier services, along with all the other parcels.

Is your parcel sent from another country by an international courier (e.g. DHL/TNT)? Then it goes to that courier. Otherwise it usually ends up with PostNL.

How does your courier service work?

All courier services that deliver parcels in the Netherlands use Customs software. If necessary, they will contact us on your behalf. If the courier service has any questions about your parcel it will notify you. Until the problem is solved, the parcel will remain in the courier's warehouse.

If, in turn, you have a question about your parcel, the courier service will be able to handle it.

If it all goes correctly, we do not even have to deal with your parcel

In most cases, your parcel is sent directly from the aircraft to you via the courier service. Customs does not enter the process.

Sometimes the courier service has a reason to contact us. For example, about the specification of the goods or the contents of a parcel. Only when we suspect that the parcel contains illegal goods, such as weapons or drugs, do we inspect it. Usually on the spot, sometimes in our own workspace.

But where is my parcel?

We do not know where it is. Even if 'Track and Trace' states that your parcel is being processed by Customs, it is still in the courier's warehouse. So if you are wondering where your parcel is, you can only check with the courier's customer service.