CodeSysteemomschrijvingVerklaring / wettelijke omschrijvingBijzonderheden
4001NO valid domain value
4003Sequence number must be >= 1
4004Value must be > 0
4009Identification code of reporting party is NOT valid
4010EORI number is NOT valid
4011Role code NOT allowed for reporting party
4012Telephone or fax number is NOT valid
4013Port of call NOT valid for mode of transport
4042Received message has been received out of sequence
4043Data element must contain valid date and no time
4044Data element must contain valid date and valid time
4045No valid domain value for UN number
4046No valid domain value for special mentions
4047No valid domain value for processing information
4201EORI number or TCUIN number is NOT valid
4202Identification for notify party is NOT valid
4203EORI or TCUIN is NOT valid for consignee
4204EORI or TCUIN is NOT valid for consignee of related BL
4205EORI or TCUIN is NOT valid for consignor
4206EORI or TCUIN is NOT valid for consignor of related BL
4207Identification for warehouse keeper is NOT valid
5001Carrier must be populated
5002Carrier must NOT be populated
5003Data must be populated for maritime transport
5005Stay reference must be populated
5007Means of transport must be populated in header
5008Means of transport must NOT be populated in header
5009Reference to previous message must be populated
5010Reference to previous message must NOT be populated
5011Syntax version of message must be populated
5013Arrival location must be populated for current port of call
5015E.T.A. must be populated for current port of call
5017E.T.D must be populated for last port of call
5019E.T.D. must be populated for current port of call (in NOA)
5021E.T.A. must be populated for next port of call
5023E.T.D. must be populated for current port of call (in NOD)
5024Meta data is NOT populated
5201Notify party must be populated with correct role
5203Place of discharge must be populated
5204Place of discharge must NOT be populated
5205Gross weight must be populated
5207Number of packages must be populated
5208Number of packages must NOT be populated
5209Shipping marks must be populated
5211Related bill must be populated
5212Related bill must NOT be populated
5213Warehouse code must be populated
5215For goods item textual description or HS must be populated
5217For declaration MRN must be populated
5218For declaration MRN must NOT be populated
5219First accepted declarations must contain consignment info
5221Number of populated countries of routing NOT adequate
5223Rule for populated party details are NOT met
5224DocRefNr and FunctRefNr must NOT be populated both
5225Number of packages is NOT populated
5226For part shipment gross weight is NOT populated
5228Required attributes failed in message
5230SourceLocation or Consignee or both must be populated
5231Notification rejected, visit processed and completed
5232Notification rejected, visit is cancelled
5234Mentioned date is implausible
5235Licence holder must be populated
5236Licence holder must NOT be populated
5237Packaging must be populated
5239Date of arrival in first EU port must be populated
5240DATE OF ARRIVAL in first EU port must NOT be populated
5241Rule for details of consignee are NOT met
5242Rule for details of consignee of related BL are NOT met
5243Rule for details of consignor are NOT met
5244Rule for details of consignor of related BL are NOT met
5245Rule for details of notify party are NOT met
5246Rule for details of warehouse keeper are NOT met
5247LRN is NOT populated
5248First accepted declaration does NOT contain goods info
5249Container Transport equipement must be filled
5250UCR must be empty or filled depending the situation
5251Adress postcode must be filled
5252Seal ID must be filled
5253Shipping marks must be filled
5254Consignee must be filled
5255Consignor mus be filled
5256Freight must be filled
5257UCR must be filled
5258Container Transportequipment must be empty
5259Container Transportcode must be empty if SCI is A20
5260Container Transportcode must be filled
5261Supporting document must be filled
5262Goods reference must be filled
5263Packaging must be filled
5264Comodity classification must be filled
5265Previous doc line nr must be filled
5266Previous doc write off must be filled
5267Prev doctype N355 is mandatory but is not allowed for CH-NO
5268Shipping marks and or number of packages are not populated
5269Sealnumber is not populated
5270Adress must be filled
5271Adres items are not filled at the right way
5273Receptacle is empty
5274In case of a straight BL this class must be not populated
5275class transportdocument must not be filled at this level
5276class AEOMutualRecognitionParty not allowed at this level
5277Class is mandatory, only for natural person it is optional
5278Commoditity classification is not filled
5279Class supporting document must not be filled at this level
5281Loadinglocation name must be filled
5282Agent status must be empty
5283Agent status must be filled
5285Previous doc must be filled
5401Family name of person on board must be populated
5403Given name of person on board must be populated
5405Nationality of person on board must be populated
5407Date of birth of person on board must be populated
5409Rank or rating of person on board must be populated
5413Scheduled date of arrival must be populated (in PAX)
5417Expiry date is NOT populated
5419Issuing country is NOT populated
5601For activity locat.: code, name or LAT/LON must be populated
5603Issuing party of (interim) ISSC must be populated
5605Expiration date of (interim) ISSC must be populated
5607Port of delivery must be populated
5609Goods location must be populated
5610Goods location must NOT be populated
5611Company Security Officer is NOT populated
5613Additional Information must NOT be populated
5614Datetime NOT allowed for next port
5615Waste item is NOT populated
6000General error
6001The HS code does NOT contain at least 4 positions
6002Equipment ID is NOT unique within list
6003EqID of consignment is NOT populated on level of MoT
6004EqID of goods item is NOT populated on level of consignment
6005EqID of goods item is NOT populated on level of MoT
6006Classification type is NOT unique for goods item
6007Additional information type is NOT unique within consignment
6008Visit_ID is NOT known for cancelled visit
6009Visit is NOT cancelled by reporting party of NOA
6010Visit can NOT be cancelled after ATA
6011Rules for declarations per message are NOT met
6012Declaration is NOT reported by port system
6013Reporting party is NOT the same for message chain
6014Sequence number is NOT unique within list
6015Date/time is NOT in the past
6017Customs related data elements are NOT all the same
6018Arrival location in ATA does NOT exist for port of call
6019Departure location ATD does NOT exist for port of call
6020Format rules for MMSI for communication are NOT met
6021Format rules for Call sign are NOT met
6022Number of crew is NOT populated
6023Type of person is NOT unique
6024Current port of call does NOT match with port of call in MAI
6025Current port of call is NOT populated
6027Data elements are NOT all the same
6028Message identification is NOT unique
6029First 5 characters of Visit_ID do NOT match port of call
6030Format rules for IMO are NOT met
6031Rules for IMO numbers are NOT met
6032Format rules for MMSI for identification are NOT met
6033Format rules for Call sign are NOT met
6034Format rules for External Sign are NOT met
6035Format rules for ENI are NOT met
6036Original has been received already
6037There is already a replace message with the same reference
6038Format rules for FLN are NOT met
6040Last port is NOT populated
6042Rule is NOT met: gross tonnage >= net tonnage
6043Arrival location in NOA does NOT exist for port of call
6044Next port is NOT populated
6045Rule is NOT met: ETD of current port < ETA in next port
6046Departure location in NOD does NOT exist for port of call
6047Phone number is NOT populated
6048Seal number is NOT unique for transport equipment
6049Rule is NOT met: ETA < ETD
6201There is no (subsequent) office for all ports of discharge
6202Transport document ID must be unique within declaration
6203Goods status may not be changed after ATA
6204Consignor/consignee role is NOT unique within consignment
6205Consignor with role consignor is NOT populated
6206Consignee with role consignee is NOT populated
6207Consignee with role consignee must NOT exist for 10600
6208Consignor for related bill is NOT populated
6209Consignee for related bill is NOT populated
6210Format rules for MRN are NOT met
6211Data elements are NOT all the same for each consignment
6212Number of goods items is larger than permitted
6213LRN is NOT unique for type of declaration
6214First office of entry does NOT start with "NL"
6215Type of stores is NOT unique
6216Stores can NOT be changed after ATA
6219Number of goods items is larger than permitted (999)
6220MRN is NOT unique within this notification
6221MRN is NOT unique within the declaration
6222Authorisation number does NOT start with valid country code
6223Update is NOT allowed since declar. has already been closed
6224Update is NOT allowed because MoT has already been diverted
6225Authorisation number is invalid
6226Sequence number must be populated
6227Sequence number must NOT be populated
6228Visit_ID is NOT known for reported stores
6229Date of arrival is more than 7 day in the past
6230No NL export declaration for mentioned MRN
6231House number invalid
6233Register arrival notific. impossible at current status MRN
6234No summary declaration for mentioned LRN/MRN
6235Consignment (item) unknown
6236Consignment (item) already in storage
6237Notification rejected, ENS not found
6238Data values of LCP are NOT all the same
6239Message refers to a removed message
6240MRN does NOT exist for a registered and arrived conveyance
6241MRN is unknown or NOT registered in NL
6242MRN is NOT unique in declaration
6243MRN is already in other accepted PRN
6244Update is NOT allowed after ATD
6245Update is NOT allowed 24H after moment of provisioning
6246Update is NOT allowed after selection for inspection
6247Update is NOT allowed after a change by Customs
6248The Net weight must be less than the weight of the exp decl
6249There must be at least one difference in the message
6250The sequence number is not valid
6251Agent must be different to declarant
6252Total gross weight consignment must be equal of all items
6253Consignee/cosignor at item level must be different
6254Commodity classification must be TSP or HS
6255A zero is not allowed as valid number
6256One goods item must have gross weight bigger than zero
6257Number of packages is 0 than gross weight is also zero
6258Number of packages is 0 than gross weight is also zero
6259UCR must be different
6261Length exceeds maximum
6262MRN does not exist in ENS
6263Transportport doc does not exist in ENS
6265Previous document not unique
6266AEO Mutual Recogniton Party is not populated
6267Format Commodity code is not right
6268Additional reference is not populated at the right level
6269Transport Equipment is not populated at the right level
6270Additional Information is not populated at the right level
6271Supporting document is not populated at the right level
6272MRN does not exist as TSD or TSR
6273Amendment declaration is not valid in this situation
6274MRN ENS unknown
6275sealnumber is not unique in class
6276Format of MRN is not correct
6277Warehouse autorisation number is not valid
6278IVR is not allowed for current status TSD-TSR
6279Number of packaging is not mentioned
6280This Type of packaging is not allowed in this situation
6281Grossweight must value <> "0" fo minimum 1 goodsitem
6282Arrival of goods can not reported after departure MoT
6601UN number is NOT populated for goods item
6602IMO Hazard class is NOT populated for goods item
6603Type of characteristic of vessel is NOT unique
6604ISSC and Interim ISSC must NOT be populated both
6605Document type is NOT unique
6606Reason for not having valid (interim) ISSC is NOT populated
6607Measure type is NOT unique for waste item
6608Required volumes are NOT all populated for waste item
6609Waste type is NOT unique
6610IMO Code is NOT populated
6611Description of waste item is NOT populated
6612Format of port facility is NOT valid
6613Sequence number is NOT valid
6614NOT all waste types are reported
6615Format rules for Receipt Id are NOT met
6616Rule is NOT met: start < end
6617Format rules for Additional Information, Special Care are NO
9900Message contains syntax errors