How can I change or add something to my customs authorisation?

Should your authorisation already be registered in the EU Trader Portal or in the EU Customs Trader Portal, register the modification via that portal. In case your authorisation is not registered in these portals, you should use the authorisation application form.

Do you want to make a request for changing an authorisation in the EU Trader Portal? Please read 'Instructie wijzigen vergunningen in het EU Trader Portal' (Instructions for modifying authorisations in the EU Trader Portal, only available in Dutch).

Do you also have an AEO authorisation? Then assess which modifications affect to your AEO authorisation. You can register these modifications via the EU Customs Trader Portal. For more information, please visit 'Maintaining your AEO status'.

Modifying an authorisation using the application form

Here's how:

  1. Fill in your data for the applicant's data.
  2. In 'Type of application', indicate that it concerns a change.
  3. Now only answer the questions which pertain to the changed data or the data you wish to add.
  4. Sign the application and send it to us.

Check whether you also need to change your other authorisations

A modification to one authorisation can have an impact on other authorisations. For example, if you now need to provide a different amount of security. You will then also need to adjust your 'Authorisation for Comprehensive Guarantee'.

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