Log in for Customs matters 

As an economic operator, you may log in here to manage your customs matters electronically.

You log in with eHerkenning

You need eHerkenning (eRecognition) with reliability level 3. Would you like to apply for eHerkenning or would you like to know more about it? Please click on this link for more information: eHerkenning authentication and authorisation.

Log on to the EU Trader Portal

The EU Trader Portal allows you to apply for and change single authorisations. These are authorisations which are valid in more than 1 Member State. The portal provides useful tips and how to use it. To go to the portal, please click on ‘í’.

Log on to the EU Trader Portal

Log on to the EU Customs Trader Portal

With the EU Customs Trader Portal you can apply for the AEO authorisation and the Binding Tariff (BTI) decision as of 1 October 2019.

Log on to the EU Customs Trader Portal

Development of the portals

There are two temporary European portals: the EU Trader Portal and the EU Customs Trader Portal. We are continuing to extend these portals with new authorisations. We will let you know if you need to use a portal for an authorisation. 

The two European portals will be merged in due course. After that, there will be just one European portal: the EU Customs Trader Portal.

The EU portals work exclusively with the internet browsers Google Chrome 60 or Firefox 45 (or higher).

There will be a Dutch portal for non-DWU authorisations: My Customs. You will be using this for excise authorisations, for example.

Do your need any help?

If you have any questions about eHerkenning, please contact your supplier. You may want to ask about logging in as a representative, or arranging  for legal chain authorisation. If you have any technical questions about the portal, please contact the National Customs Helpdesk.